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My favourite place to go: stillness.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I don't know what it is about stillness, but for me, it is definitely a most, in the list of places to go. Stillness may not be a physical place, but it for sure is a place that exists, and one of the most incredible ones that you will ever visit.

So ''How do you go there?'', you may be wondering. The answer is simple: you either go where silence is, or you bring silence to yourself.

What stillness is

I am not talking about silence of the mind. I am talking about real silence in the physical world where we live. Silence in the mind will come afterwards - eventually - after you have allowed yourself to sit in silence several times.

Stillness is a place where the word ''pursuit'' does not exist. Stillness is a place where everything that you want is available, all at the same time. Actually, stillness is a place where the word ''want'' does not exist, because there is no need for it. There is no need to want anything, because you already have it all.

Stillness is a place where problems don't exist. It is a place where everything that you call problem on your daily life, is transformed into a funny story. These problems for sure don't feel funny in your daily life. However, it is in this magical place called stillness, where a blindfold is removed from your eyes, and you can clearly see the actual world where you live.

Where everything dies

Stillness is a place where your opinions die. Your own human story dies. There is no you as a separate and finite organism. In stillness you are everything. You are the universe. You are the energy that goes through your body, as well as through the bodies of other people.

There is nothing to prove in stillness. Stillness is death of the human illusion. Stillness is the place where you go to remember who you truly are, so that when you come back to this earthy life, you can see every person and every situation, with a pair of eyes that can only see love.


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