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The right mindset to build your dream life

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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Achieving your goals and welcoming your dream life, is not a single step process. It takes a lot of steps, and moving in a million different directions, until your journey has given you enough information to finally start converging to more accurate decisions.

Reaching the unreachable

I know that it can be frustrating having your dream goal in mind, but feeling like it's so far away and almost unreachable. When you start thinking about everything that you have to do to get to where you want to go, you feel so overwhelmed that you decide to just drop the idea of it. In those moments, it feels easier to just surrender to your current life situation, than to work for what your heart and soul desires.

But let me give you a quick advice from my own experience. Boredom and stress linked to meaningless actions, will never lead you to a rich fulfilling life. Never ever.

You NEED a link

You need to find away to link your current life situation and the actions that you take on your current everyday life, to the dream life that you so much think about. No real success happens overnight, and almost all successful people that you see out there, have trained their minds to keep their eye on the price when going through the toughest battles.

Maybe you're stuck at a job that you don't like, or maybe you do love your job but you wish you had more free time to spend travelling and visiting the people you love. Or maybe your professional life is perfect but you wish you had a more exciting love life, or a more fun group of friends.

Whatever it is that you're going through, you need to find a way to bring excitement into the struggle that's present in your life right now, so that you can start feeling happy and accomplished already now. And you do that, by linking your current struggle to your big dream.

The biggest lie of all

The biggest lie of all, is that you'll find happiness and inner-peace when you achieve something external.

Yes - your life might improve, you might get more comfort, more money and more physical freedom, and some areas of your life might seem lighter. But happiness itself as a whole, is not there.

You can cultivate your sense of joy and inner-peace today, by mindfully building your everyday actions around the dream life that you want. But in order to be effective in creating an action plan, first you need to deal with your relationship with your emotions and therefore, with your thoughts.

It all starts with your thoughts

Thoughts create emotions which are constantly ruling our actions.

Just think about it like this...

You had a terrible day and you've decided that you deserve a good-old frozen pizza. But also, you've been trying really hard for months now, to lose some weight. And the reason why you can't put that weight off, is because every time you go through something tough, you end up eating unhealthy food.

In this example, the thoughts ruling this person's behaviour are ''I'm having tough days, so I deserve pizza, and I'll take care of my weight later''. And what happens is that you're stuck in a vicious cycle of weight gaining where every time you have a tough day, you eat a pizza, because this is your way of coping with feeling sad or angry. And shortly after, you feel disappointed on yourself and frustrated.

This is how the right thoughts can change everything

Obviously, for a person like this, it's really hard to get outside of this loop, because there's not enough weight on the long-term results of the everyday actions. So really, the only thing that this person needs to change, is the thoughts regarding tough days.

What if every time you have a bad day, you decide that your go-to tools to feel better, will be either to do a short meditation, or to take some minutes to visualise a better tomorrow, or to do some physical activity to sweat the the day off? If you link your tough days to this type of activities, you'll create excitement from tough days, and I can assure you that your long-term results will be much better.

So instead of using the thought ''tough day = pizza'', it's better to use the thought ''tough day = opportunity for growth''. What this means is that you won't let a tough day kick you in the butt and make you feel sad and angry for more than a couple of minutes. Using the right thoughts and creating the right emotions, will 100% define the actions you take, and that will show up in the life that you create for yourself.

This is how I did it

Look, I spent a lot of years studying and working on things that weren't really something that I was passionate about. But I made it very clear to myself, to be very mindful and gentle about my thoughts, so that I could keep myself motivated, excited and joyful, through the process of figuring out how to turn my life around. I made it my mission to use everyday as a way to build new skills.

If I had to work with people that I didn't understand, I made it my mission to develop compassion and empathy.

If I had to do things that I didn't like, I made it my mission to develop patience.

If I received crappy feedback from my boss, I made it my mission to build unshakeable self-esteem and confidence that wouldn't be affected by other people's opinions.

if I had to present something that I felt insecure about to a customer, I made it my mission to develop killing presentation skills.

Creating these very personal inner-missions, is what allowed me to stay strong throughout the journey, while I was slowly figuring out how to shift my life into something that I liked more.

I knew that it was going to take more than 1 step. So I made it my mission to always learn and grow in some way, from all of those steps. And I found that being able to do that, in such a profound and intimate way with myself - so much that I could stay calm and happy while others in same situations as me were freaking out - is what was my power.

The wining mindset

I knew that this mindset could take me anywhere I wanted, because with it, I'd never quit trying. I'd never be overwhelmed enough to give up on my dreams. I'd always be there, showing up, with a smile on my face, but more than that, with a smile on my soul.

What I want you to take from this

So what I want you to take from this, is that you need to choose your own personal missions. You need to choose your big mission, and also the little everyday missions that will take you there.

You need to sit down with yourself alone in silence and ask yourself...

How can this thing that I'm going through now, feed the life that I want to create for myself? How can I respond to this painful or boring or stressful situation, in a way that it actually serves my bigger mission?

All the answers are within yourself. You just need to give yourself the space to ask and listen.


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