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What enjoying your work, actually means.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

When we refer to someone enjoying something, we usually create a mental image of this dude laughing uncontrollably, or with a smile from ear to ear, hi five-ing all random people that pop into his way.

However, this is not the kind of enjoyment that we refer to in this space. This is not wrong though, and this could be you if this kind of things fit your personality, which is awesome. But the point is that enjoyment comes in many different ways, and you do not necessarily need to be that way to become a person that enjoys their life. And let's also add to that, that someone acting that way, is not necessarily having the enjoyment that we will talk about here.

So what kind of enjoyment at work are we talking about?

Enjoying our work in a sustainable way, means having a good relationship with all aspects of our working life. This is, having a healthy relationship with the decisions we make, with the shitty mistakes that