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What If We Can't Go Wrong? | The Illusion of The ''Right'' Thing

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

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Our lives are such a tiny piece of nothingness, and at the same time, they're everything to us. One day we open our eyes to say hello to life as a human being, and in what feels like a few minutes later, decades have past. Every year that passes, we get a stronger feeling that time is slipping like sand through our fingers. Summers feel shorter, and stress free joyful moments feel like a luxury, too expensive to afford, more than every now and then.

Yes, life is everything to us, and we're so scared of not living it ''the right way''. Whatever that may be. But at the same time, 99.9% of our life is being bossed around by self sabotaging thoughts that over and over again, trigger in us, feelings of little self worth, doubt and anxiety. So instead of enjoying the magical human being that nature gave birth to and that we get to embody, we spend most of our lives worrying that we're not doing things ''right''. Worrying that we might not be in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right people, and the right skills, at the right time, with the right amount of money, and the right plan, to get to the right goal.

The only possible mistake

But what if the only thing that we're doing wrong, is actually thinking that we're wrong? What if the only mistake that we're making, is actually questioning over and over again, the way we're living life? What if accepting where we are, and being here, able to enjoy what is, today, is what will open our own doors to fulfilment? What if the virus that's been contaminating our entire life, is the simple repetitive thought that tells us ''you're doing it wrong''?

What if there's no wrong way to do anything? Because at the end of the day, you can't do more than what you can do, with the resources and the experience that you've aquired until today. You can't live life backwards. You can't judge yourself for not making 3 weeks ago, the choices that you would've made with the information you'll probably get 3 weeks later in the future.

Stop sabotaging yourself

Stop sabotaging yourself. Stop being mean to yourself and judging yourself for not knowing the things that you can only get to know by allowing yourself to, be stupid basically. By allowing yourself to jump in, bravely, without knowíng anything, so that you can start playing the game and actually starting to know something, eventually.

Allow yourself to be the dumbest person in room. The most inexperienced one. And train yourself to be comfortable with that. To be chill. To be so calm and so accepting of the reality of you, without feeling any kind of need to hide where you're at, that all your energies naturally just go to observing, absorving, learning, trying, and growing.

Allow yourself to tap into the frequency of life, where instead of being paralised by the extreme fear or not doing things right, and using all of your energy to survive against the sabotaging thoughts that are constantly punching in the gut making you feel like crap, you're actually just living life as the wonderful human being that you are.

Allow yourself to be a human being in constant growth and evolution. Allow yourself to be here, with the skills that you have, the personality that you have, the doubts that you have, and the person that you are, without blaming yourself for not being something else, or somewhere else.

Elsewhere isn't better

Let go of that belief that tells you that there's someone out there that knows what the right way of doing things is, and you have no idea what that is. Stop looking outside always thinking that elsewhere is better. Thinking that somewhere else is better, someone else is better, some other time is better. No. Stop. Here, is good. You, are good. We are good.

You have access to everything. You have access to help within yourself and help outside of yourself. Others are not the enemy. Others are just humans trying to figure stuff out just like you. They don't have better or worse ideas than you do. They don't make better or worse choices than you do. They just are. And you just are. And together, you can create beautiful things. But only, if you believe in your own capacity as much as you believe in theirs, and just, freaking, relax. Dude, chill. You're amazing. You're capable. You're brilliant. You're a freaking rockstar. Just like any other human being is. And you know why? Because nature makes no mistakes. And you're for sure, not the first one.




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