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Why Most People Are Unhappy With Life | Feeling Unworthy

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

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By default, human beings live under this deep illusion that our circumstances are responsible for our happiness. And although I do agree that our circumstances can and will most likely have an important effect on our happiness, there's an even more important factor that defines whether a circumstance brings us joy or not, and which in many cases answers the common question... ''Why am I so unhappy?''

That factor, is our ability to allow ourselves happiness. Meaning, our willingness to accept joy when we believe that we deserve it, and our willingness to reject joy when we believe that we're not worth feeling it. If you often feel miserable or unhappy with life, you most likely have a huge bag of beliefs that don't allow you to be happy, by unconsciously making you feel that you don'y deserve to be happy.

What we find soci